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Understanding White-label Reporting

White-label reporting allows you to share real-time campaign statistics with your clients without any reference to ReachOut.AI, giving you a clean and professional look.

What is White-label Reporting?

White-label reporting is a feature in ReachOut.AI that provides you with a unique link that you can share with your clients to give them access to real-time campaign statistics. The link does not reference ReachOut.AI, making it appear as if the analytics are generated from your own tool or platform.

Steps to use White-label reporting in ReachOut.AI:

Step 1: Create and Activate a Campaign

First, create and activate a campaign in ReachOut.AI. Once your campaign is active and running, you can access campaign analytics.

Step 2: Access Campaign Analytics

Go to the campaign analytics section in ReachOut.AI, where you can view detailed statistics about your campaign's performance.

Step 3: Grab the White-label Reporting Link

In the campaign analytics section, you will see a key icon. Click on the icon, and it will give you a unique white-label reporting link for your campaign. This link can be copied and shared with your clients.

Step 4: Share White-label Reporting Link with Clients

You can now share the white-label reporting link with your clients. They can access the link and view real-time campaign statistics without any reference to ReachOut.AI.

Custom Domain White-label Reporting

By default, the white-label reporting link will have a generic link format, such as "". However, if you want to white-label this link under your own domain, you can set up a custom domain in ReachOut.AI. This will allow you to use your own domain for the white-label reporting link, further customizing the appearance and branding for your clients.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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