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Cloning your voice with Resemble

Clone any voice and create dynamic, iterable, and unique voice content by using our voice cloning integration with is a third-party service we are integrated with and you can signup for free with a pay-as-you-go plan. However, we are negotiating with them to get special rates for our users, so great stuff is coming there. (more providers are coming soon)

How can I get started with cloning my voice?

Here are the steps to clone your voice

You need first to clone your voice in
Next, import your Resemble API inside ReachOut settings.
You can find your cloned voice in Step 2 (video personalization) inside voices under the "cloned voices" tab after a few hours.

You will be notified via email once your voice has been cloned and is ready to use. You can consume it via ReachOut.AI or via Resemble API.

How many custom voices can I create?

You can clone as many voices as Resemble allows you to. After adding your API key, all cloned voices will be available within your ReachOut.AI account.

You can use your cloned voice(s) as many times as you want, anywhere you want.

How much data is needed for a more realistic / less robotic cloned voice?

Resemble need a minimum of 50 sentences recorded to kick off the training, but the more data you record the better the quality of the cloned voice. Training is done in increments of 50 sentences. For examples after the 50 sentences have been recorded, Resemble will train and deploy your voice. To improve the voice, the next training will be done after you have recorded 50 or 100 more sentences.

We suggest providing about 30-60 minutes of voice training.

Can I use Resemble to clone somebody else’s voice?

Yes, but only if you have the consent from the third party and the third party is aware of the use case for their synthetic voice.

Can I clone my voice in other languages?

Currently, Resemble's voice cloning works only with English language. However, we are working with some more providers that can assist you clone your voice in other languages such as German, Spanish, and more.

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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