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Video Dubbing - Personalizing speech in actual video at scale

This feature is currently in beta.

What's Video Dubbing?

Record a video of yourself once, and ReachOut.AI will personalize it and address thousands of recipients one at a time, at scale, automatically.

With Video Dubbing you have the ability to modify sections of the speech in the video—imagine greeting each of your prospects with their actual names, company, and other variables automatically and on a large scale.

We have just recently released our very own Instant Voice Cloning solution, and you can utilizing it by the steps provided below.

Create a campaign and go on Step 2 (Video Personalization)
Record a video of yourself and upload your video in the Video Dubbing tab.
Select the video and choose "Speech Modification" and click "Reset"
Select your "Cloned Voice" voice from the 🔉 speakers icon under the editor
Select words that need to be personalized and replace variables
Click "Play script" to ensure your voice sounds just right.

Tips for Enhancing Cloned Voice Quality:

Retraining: If the cloned voice quality is not satisfactory, you can "Retrain your voice" by uploading additional voice recordings or audio files to enhance its quality and naturalness.

This feature is specifically intended for substituting a "keyword" with a "variable" and should NOT be utilized for modifying audio or video content. Therefore, please avoid removing words, sentences, or paragraphs when using it. Otherwise you will get an error. ❌

⚠ For best results, please follow the steps below BEFORE you record a video:

✅ Video duration must be at least 25 seconds or longer for realistic voice cloning results. ⌚

✅ Say something short and pause for about half a second after the variable you want to modify (e.g., Hi there...) ⏸

✅ Try to stay still and motionless while speaking in places where you have plans to modify speech. 🥶

✅ Maintain a distance of 3-4 feet from the camera during video recording. 📷

✅ Use a good noise-canceling microphone in a quiet environment. 🎧

TIP: In addition, we integrate with voice cloning providers like ElevenLabs, Resemble, and more so you can easily import voices from these platforms into ReachOut.AI, even in other languages. To ensure the best results when dubbing videos with external providers, keep the tonality and background noise of your original video similar to your cloned voice.

(An updated video of this article is coming soon. Watch old tutorial)

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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