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Searching for hard-to-find leads - "I can't find the leads I'm looking for"

ReachOut.AI offers built-in lead generation modules to help users find targeted leads for their business. This guide will walk you through the steps of using the "B2B Lead Search" and "Website Leads" modules to find specific leads. Additionally, we will discuss alternative methods for finding leads if the built-in modules do not meet your requirements.

Step 1: Using the "B2B Lead Search" Module

Create a new campaign and navigate to the "B2B Lead Search" || module.
Enter the keyword related to your target leads in the "Job Title" field, such as "internal medicine" and hit enter.
By default, the module will search for contacts with the specified keyword in their job titles.
To narrow down your search, click on the "Advanced" tab and enter additional keywords or phrases related to your target leads.
Review the list of contacts generated by the module, which will match your search criteria.
Click on the suitcase icon 💼 next to each contact's name to view more details, including estimated salary, company size, etc.

Step 2: Using the "Website Leads" Module

Navigate to the "Website Leads" module within ReachOut.AI.
Enter the relevant keywords in the "Search" field, such as "internal medicine"
The module will search for websites that mention both keywords on their homepage.
Review the list of websites generated by the module, which may include potential leads.
Click on the website URL to visit the website to learn more details about the business or contact.

Please Note:

The B2B Lead Engine is an additional feature built on top of ReachOut.AI's core video personalization software. The generated leads may not be suitable for everyone, depending on specific requirements. If the leads generated by ReachOut.AI's modules are insufficient, consider alternative methods for finding leads.

Alternative Methods for Finding Leads:

Fiverr: Visit Fiverr and search for lead researchers who can provide targeted leads based on your specific criteria.
Coldytics: Explore Coldytics, a platform specializing in B2B lead generation, where you can access a wide range of lead data. Consider, a comprehensive sales engagement platform that offers advanced lead generation and data enrichment features.

Using External Lead Lists in ReachOut.AI:

Once you have obtained a list of leads from an external source, such as Fiverr, Coldytics, or Apollo, ensure the list is in a compatible format (e.g., CSV2. ). Learn more a CSV import.
Create a new campaign and click on the "CSV" on "Add Contacts" step to import your external contacts.
Follow the on-screen instructions to import the leads into system.
Once the leads are uploaded, you can start creating personalized video emails using ReachOut.AI's powerful video personalization features.


ReachOut.AI provides built-in lead generation modules to help users find targeted leads for their business. However, if the built-in modules do not meet your requirements, consider alternative methods such as Fiverr, Coldytics, or Apollo. Once you have a list of leads, you can import it into ReachOut.AI and leverage the platform's video personalization capabilities to create engaging and personalized video emails.

Remember to always review and comply with any applicable privacy laws and regulations when using external lead lists.

Note: The provided alternative methods (Fiverr, Coldytics, Apollo) are examples and not affiliated with ReachOut.AI.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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