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Can't upload MP3 file(s)

Are you trying to upload an MP3 file inside "Upload your voice" tab but you get "Sound upload failed - please try again later." ?

Issue #1: Change the file name

Uploading of MP3 files can fail if the MP3 file properties contain unknown or non-standard characters. (There are a variety of reasons why these characters may appear.) The solution is easy; edit the properties to remove the characters and then upload the file.

Occasionally uploads can break if your filename is very long or if it has any special characters in it like / ? ! * _ etc

Rename your audio file to something simple e.g. episode10.mp3 and re-try the upload again.

Issue #2: MP3 file is longer than 3 minutes

Our system accepts by default MP3 files under 3 minutes long and less than 50MB.

Issue #3: Check the file format

If you are uploading audio files check your files have the correct file extension and are not an unknown file type. ReachOut.AI accepts WAV and MP3 audio formats (MP3 is preferred)

Issue #4: Check the file size

Your audio upload may timeout if the file size is too large.

We recommend that your audio files are kept under 10MB in size.

Issue #4: Audio codecs not supported

Media players have many codecs built into them. Each time you open a file, it simply finds the appropriate codec file to decompress your video file before playing it. If no appropriate codecs are installed/found, your media player throws an error.

We highly recommend to first upload your audio files to something like[](, and then try upload them back to ReachOut.AI? This should do the trick.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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