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Past Promo, Current Deal & Future Plan

When we officially launched in Dec 2021 we were working with private clients on one-on-one basis. 

As part of the expansion and our need to stress-test the system to ensure that we were ready for the masses, and of course prepare for the AppSumo launch, early this year we introduced a private invite-only affiliate program (like most businesses do) as part of our marketing strategy with the help of our lead affiliate manager in order to bring in some cash flow to keep the business running and growing.

This was an invite-only 7-day promo with selected affiliates via our affiliate program (PayKickstart shopping cart) handled by one of our affiliate partners at Kyvio. The product wasn't listed or promoted on JVzoo, W+ or any other deal site. The promo was invite-only and promoted via email through some key affiliates.

Some affiliates may have posted the links in their blogs or public places for more exposure (like many affiliate marketers do), but we weren't listed or promoted on any deal site.

We understand that nowadays when some people receive an email with an affiliate offer and see a sales funnel, they automatically register it as something "fishy", but affiliate marketing and sales funnels are part of marketing strategies. 

That deal is not the same as our AppSumo deal.

During that 7-day promo, the 3,000 credits were fixed (non-recurring) and offered 3,500 credits at $397/year.

With the AppSumo launch, with Tier 2 you get 300 credits/month (which equals 3,600 credits/year), and with Tier 3 you get 500 credits/month (6,000/year)... for a one-time payment.

Both complement each other in terms of credits. This deal will be a great add-on to those who purchased the previous one, which no longer exists. Just like this.

This is our first and last time offering recurring credits for a one-time payment, so if you are wondering whether to buy this deal or not, NOW is the right time to make the right choice.

Any payments related to ReachOutSuite were processed and handled by one of our affiliate partners (Kyvio) so for billing inquiries or cancellations in relation to ReachOutSuite, we kindly recommend reaching out to They will be delighted to assist you with the cancellation and process your refund.

We have big plans for ReachOut.AI.

Updated on: 10/09/2023

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