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Why AI Presenters doesn't look and sound more real?

As with every new technology/trend, we understand that there are is a level of skepticism that comes with it.

We develop to help entrepreneurs and teams break through the noise and have a pattern interrupt so your email stands out among the other 100+ we all receive every day. 

We are not trying to manipulate people into believing that an actual human recorded their videos. Instead, when the prospects open the personalized video emails, here's the conversation we are trying to trigger in their mind:

"Who's this guy/gal with my website as a background behind? What's this video made for me about?"

Boom! Very high chances to get the click and have the prospect hear more from us. The AI is acting basically as your AI Sales Rep Wingman where you can have the setup transition to a pre-recorded video for the pitch/CTA. I advise our clients never to hide that this is AI because we are not trying to manipulate people here that an actual human recorded this video. 

We just want to get their attention.

For example, everybody knows chatbots are not real, but they engage and convert big time.

Another example, Facebook is going all-in on Metaverse, AR, and AI - Is any of these a real world?


 It's time to up your AI game too :-)

Here's an interesting case study:

I have a client in the ecommerce/dropshipping space who uses our tech in the following way...

Every time the item gets shipped, our system triggers an AI video that the buyers receive something like this...

"Hey [[name]], thank you for ordering from our ecom store. We just wanted to let you know that we shipped your order today. Your tracking number is 123456 - plus, I wanted to give you a 50% discount coupon if you order today Product B. If you're not sure what product B does, please allow me to redirect you to John, who will explain the product further." (pre-recorded video starts playing...)

So basically, our goal is to take the prospect out of that noisy inbox and start a conversation with him on our landing page.

Keep in mind that we do audio-visual cloning too. 

So imagine if you have your very own digital clone and send an email to your customers that go like...

"Hey [[name]], I missed my hairdressing appointment today, so I have my AI digital close record a special message for you in a "Game of Thrones" voice. Want to laugh? [[thumbnail+link]]".

SIDENOTE: We can clone your voice too.

We hope you can see the potential by using the magic combination of AI and humor, even with a grainy voice.

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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