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What's "Leads In Campaign" and/or "Leads Per Day"?

While using B2B Lead Engine, you might be thinking what's "Leads In Campaign" on the righ hand side.

Leads In Campaign is the "total number of leads" that you'd like to add to your campaign over the period of time.

So for example, you'd like to reach out to 1000 people, you'll add that number to "Leads In Campaign". Then you can control how many leads you want to reach out to per day by adding a number to the "Leads per day" field. This is useful because if we didn't have this option or if you decided to reach out to a large number of recipients all at once the email account might get blocked.

And of course, once all set, you need to hit that "import leads" button to add them to your campaign and proceed with the rest of the settings.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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