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Video email preview not working

The problem:

Are you receiving a grey email with a placeholder that says [Video preview here] when you send a video email that appears like this:

This problem arises usually when attempting to send video emails through the integration of your own CRM/email tools, rather than using our built-in email scheduler.

Why this is happening?

This issue occurs when video emails are sent before the rendering process is complete, resulting in the thumbnail being unavailable.


If you are utilizing your own systems, the optimal and most precise method of sending out these emails is by first adding a Webhook here.

This can be accomplished using a Webhook through platforms such as Zapier, Pabbly, or Make.

Once that is set up, you can then include an action to add a tag or add/update contact to your CRM/tool. This ensures that the email is triggered precisely at the moment when the video is fully generated.

Go to "Third Party Integrations" in your campaign here and copy/paste the embed code into your email campaign.

If your email tool is not listed, read this article.

For example:

Go to Zapier, Pabbly or Make (whatever works best for you)
Find the trigger called "Webhooks by _" (Zapier/Pabbly/Make)
Copy the Webhook URL
Go to your campaign's "Integrations" and add the webhook under "Send to Webhooks"
Click "Create Webhook"
Go back to Zapier, Pabbly or Make and select "Action" (Choose your CRM/tool)
Add a tag or add/update the contact
Insert the embed code into your CRM/email tool's email campaign.

If you need help, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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