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Rate limits and throttling

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When many video requests occur within a short time, they may be throttled (limited) to reduce their frequency. This is known as rate limiting, and our system might apply it automatically if you have an unlimited plan or if you have a campaign with a credits daily limit and enable the queue on the advanced campaign settings.

You can apply a limit yourself inside your campaign's advanced settings, by doing so you are making sure that your videos are not going to be lost even if the max credits of the day established for that campaign are exceeded; with the option enabled the videos will get into a queue to be processed on the next day if the credits limit you established allow it (instead of being dropped) .

Your videos are subject to some rate limits within two tiers:

Tier 1 allows 50 videos every hour, and 300 videos every 24 hours;
Tier 2 allows 300 videos every hour, and 1,000 videos every 24 hours.

We guarantee that your videos are never going to be lost, the exceeding videos are put on a queue. When a video is in the queue, it'll be processed as soon as possible, e.g the next hour, or the next day. You can rest assured that your videos will always reach their destination.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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