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How to clear your browser's cache and cookies for only

Let's face it! We often get asked that we need to clear our browser's cookies and cache to force the browser to pull up the most recent changes made to the website or web app. This is very helpful most of the time except that our entire browser resets to its "factory settings" and it's pretty annoying to log back into the websites that we use frequently. πŸ˜’ No more! πŸ˜ƒ**Here's how you can clear the browser's cache and cookies for one particular site only.

Note: This guide only applies to Google Chrome, the mostly widely used browser out there but it works the same way for most of the browsers.

1) In the address bar of your browser, click the "lock icon" right before the website address as seen in the screenshot below.

2) Then click this little "pop up expander" next to "cookies".

3) Choose each of the cookies and click "remove".

4) Finally, head to the "site settings" section and click "clear data" to delete any data associated with from your browser.

That's all! We hope you find that helpful. πŸ™‚

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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