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How can I make avatars more human-like and unrecognizable that it is an AI?

We understand the concern, and we get this question a lot.

First of all, you can use and personalize your real pre-recorded video (if you don't want to use an AI voice-generated video).

Even tho we using premium TTS from reputable sources, the AI voices in the industry aren't 100% real (yet).

We have over 350+ voices you can choose from, Not to mention, you can use our voice cloning integration to use your cloned voice.

Here's why you shouldn't worry about how the AI sounds:

Everybody knows chatbots are not real, but they engage and convert big time if they are used right. Especially if you add some humor.

We are not trying to manipulate people into believing that an actual human recorded their videos. Instead, when prospects open the personalized video emails, here's the conversation we are trying to trigger in their mind:

"Who's this guy with my website as a background?"

"What's this video all about?"

Now, you just got your ideal customer out of that crowded inbox, so now all they have to do is to focus on your message without the noise.

Half of the job is done! (actually, the most challenging)

Well, that's where the "Pitch Transition" feature comes into play. You can cleverly transition the virtual AI Rep to any pre-recorded video of your choice.

No video editing skills are required.

Here's the secret sauce:

The goal is to use those few seconds of the AI personalized video intro to grab their ATTENTION and buy you an extra 2-3 minutes of their time so you can have your "transition video" create the DESIRE needed so they take ACTION.

I hope that helps!

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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