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Gmail & Yahoo: New Sending Requirements

Important: Starting February 2024, Gmail will require the following for senders who send 5,000 or more messages a day to Gmail accounts: Authenticate outgoing email, avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited email, and make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe. Learn more about the requirements for sending 5,000 or more emails per day.

Google and Yahoo have set their sights on minimizing spam emails and enhancing email security for their users. They plan to achieve this by implementing stringent new guidelines for bulk email senders starting in early 2024.

What is the Impact?

If you are sending emails in bulk and your SPAM rate is 0.3% or higher then Google and Yahoo will automatically block all your outgoing emails.

What should you do to make sure you don't get impacted?

To make sure your email deliverability stays positive and your emails continue to reach your recipients' inboxes, you can follow the below steps

Authenticate Your Emails: Verify that your emails are properly authenticated using DKIM and SPF. You can read here about how to setup the same. In case your DKIM is not able to pass the set standards, you can refer to the below links to get it fixed.

Maintain a Positive Sender Reputation: Review your email practices to ensure compliance with Gmail's guidelines. Avoid practices that may harm your sender's reputation.

Use DMARC: Implement DMARC to protect your brand and enhance email authentication. More information is available on this link.

Setup Custom Domains: Utilizing custom tracking domains ensures that the links within email content are wrapped by your designated tracking domain. This helps prevent the inclusion of third-party links, which may trigger spam filters and lead to the flagging of your email. You can read here about how to setup the same.

Use of Opt-out Links: Make sure to use Opt-out links. This ensures that instead of marking your email as spam users hit unsubscribe, which hurts your reputation and deliverability.

Keep Different email domains for Outbound: Separate out your email domains for your activities and start building your domain reputation with controlled email delivery i.e. 5k emails per day for your team.

Monitor your sending reputation using Google Postmaster Tools:

Utilize Google Postmaster to view and manage your organization's sending reputation and handle abuse complaints on the Google network.

Although the data is tailored to Gmail, it furnishes valuable insights into the overall performance of your domain/IP reputation. It's crucial to highlight that Google stipulates a minimum volume threshold for results to appear, meaning you may not observe any data if your activity doesn't meet this requirement. Read here for more details.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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