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Third-Party Email & CRM Integrations

How to integrate and deliver videos using ANY email marketing tool or CRM

ReachOut.AI offers a seamless integration into your workflow, allowing you to send personalized videos to your clients' inboxes, regardless of the email marketing tool or CRM you use. Follow the steps to embed videos in your email campaigns using ReachOut.AI.

Step 1. Select Your Email Tool

As you go through the campaign setup, on Step 4 (Integrations) you can begin by selecting the email tool you use for your campaigns. ReachOut.AI integrates with virtually any CRM and email marketing tool available in the market.

Step 2: Copy the Embed Code

Once you have chosen your email tool, access ReachOut.AI and generate the necessary embed code for your videos. The embed code is unique to each video and facilitates its integration into your email campaigns based on the recipients email address.

Please note: Make sure your contacts exist in your CRM/email tool before you activate the campaign and start generating videos so we can match the video to the right email address.

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Step 3: Paste the Embed Code

Using the HTML editor of your chosen email marketing tool, paste the copied embed code into your email campaign. Ensure that you place the code in the appropriate section or module of your email template.

Step 4: Personalized Thumbnails and Videos

After initiating your campaign, the placeholder in your email template will be automatically replaced with a personalized thumbnail and video for each contact based on their email address. This dynamic feature enhances engagement and delivers a more tailored experience for your recipients.

Step 5: Adding a Delay in Your CRM

To ensure the smooth generation of the personalized videos, it is recommended to add a few minutes delay in your CRM before the video email is sent out. This allows sufficient time for the videos to be created by ReachOut.AI.

Step 6: Handling New Contacts

If your contacts do not already exist in your CRM or contact list, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the process of passing data to Zapier or Webhooks" for a comprehensive understanding of how to handle new contacts efficiently.

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Updated on: 17/05/2023

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