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Passing data to Webhooks

Easily integrate ReachOut.AI with other systems using Webhooks for advanced and flexible data transfer. Here's how you can set it up:

Choose Your Webhook Service: If you're using a service like Pabbly instead of Zapier, select the Webhooks by Pabbly option.

Set Up Webhooks: In the ReachOut.AI Integrations tab while creating a full suite campaign, find the "Send to Webhooks" section. Paste the Webhook URL provided by your service.

Create Webhook: Click the "Create Webhook" button to establish the connection between ReachOut.AI and your Webhook service.

Continue: Proceed to the next step to continue building your campaign.

Now, ReachOut.AI is configured to transfer data to your chosen Webhook service seamlessly. Enjoy the benefits of integrated data flow between ReachOut.AI and your preferred systems.

If you are using any other apps, you might need help from a developer and you may contact ReachOut.AI customer support.

ALTERNATIVELY You can watch this video:

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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