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Policy Threatening Behavior

At ReachOut.AI, we take customer satisfaction seriously and strive to provide the best possible experience. However, we maintain a strict policy against blackmail reviews and threatening behavior. We understand that not every customer may be fully satisfied with our services, and we are here to address any genuine concerns they may have. However, using threats or attempting to harm our reputation through negative reviews is not an acceptable means to seek a refund.

While we value feedback and encourage customers to share their experiences, it is important to note that blackmail reviews or any form of threatening behavior aiming to manipulate our refund policy will not be tolerated.

Such actions may result in damages, including but not limited to legal fees and compensation for reputational harm.

We kindly request our customers to engage with us in a respectful and constructive manner to resolve any issues they may encounter. We are committed to addressing concerns and finding appropriate solutions within the framework of our cancellation and refund policies. By adhering to these principles, we aim to maintain an honest and trustworthy relationship with our customers, while ensuring fair treatment for all parties involved.

Moreover, it is crucial to emphasize that blackmail reviews and threatening behavior are strictly prohibited on all review platforms. These platforms have their own guidelines and policies in place to safeguard the integrity of reviews. Customers should be aware that violating these policies may lead to the removal of their reviews and potential consequences on their own reputations.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our customers in upholding these principles, allowing us to focus on delivering the best possible service and support to all users of ReachOut.AI.

Updated on: 23/07/2023

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