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What is a "Credit" and how do credits work? 🤔

A credit is used when ReachOut generates a personalized video (up to 60 seconds) to reach out to a contact. Unlike other personalization services, we don't charge credits for video encoding/delivery, image personalization, email validation, or lead generation. We got quite generous with that credit!

Pre-recorded uploaded videos used as "Elevator Pitch" or "Transitions" are not calculated as credits. Only the audio-visual generations are calculated in the credit counts. For example: If you generated anything up to one minute video, it would be counted as a single credit. However, instead of thinking about the credits spent, consider the responses and ROI these credits will bring you.

You can always top up your account with credits at anytime.

FAQ about Credits:

Why don't you offer more credits?

We wish we could give unlimited credits, but the servers in AI/ML industry are extraordinarily expensive for producing such videos.

What if I create 1 spokesperson with generic audio but then I use the same generated spokesperson to generate 100 custom videos using different background (to show the lead's website as background of the video). Does it count towards 100 credits too?

If you are using any type of personalization in your script or video background, it's still considered as a credit.

If I record a 1 minute video for prospecting, and I send the same video for 500 prospects does it count as 1 credit or 500?

If you want to reach out to 1,000 leads and your video contains the same script and background, you can send the same video to all 1,000 contacts and get charged only for a single credit as long as it the video is up to 60 seconds. The email broadcasting is unlimited. No credits needed.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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