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API Access - Quick Start Guide

Developing an important application? If you are tech-savvy or a developer and want more flexibility in adding contacts and creating videos using code, you can do so by using our REST API.

1. Your API Key

Once you’ve become a ReachOut.AI user, head to accounts settings, and you will find your API key.

2. Explore our API Documentation (Beta)

See Detailed API Reference

3. Common API Use Cases

Below are the 3 most common use cases for ReachOut.AI API.

✅ Integrate ReachOut.AI videos into your SaaS App

Have a sales outbound email app? A booking system? A modern e-learning platform? With ReachOut.AI you can enrich your application with ability for your customers to send personalized videos based on different events.

✅ Generate Personalised Videos at scale

You can set up automated personalized videos throughout your customer lifecycle. This can be achieved via our API (requires coding) or via our Zapier/Pabbly/Make apps (requires no coding).

Here's a few example personalization use cases:

Sign up Videos - Greet your new VIP signups with a personalized welcome message. Offer them a walkthrough or a demo as a next step.
Customer Onboarding Videos - Automatically send personalized videos based on actions customers do in your product. You can use a custom presenter from your team.
Outbound Sales Videos - Integrate personalised video creation in your outbound sales campaigns and supercharge your reply rates.
Visual Chatbots / Assistants Build - Conversational experiences with video avatars. Or build learning apps with human-like instructors.

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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