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Mailgun SMTP integration

Step 1: Create a Mailgun Account

If you don't have a Mailgun account, create one by signing up on the Mailgun website.

Step 2: Access the SMTP Credentials in Mailgun

Login to your Mailgun account and navigate to the Sending section
Click on the SMTP option on the left-hand menu
Scroll down to the "SMTP Credentials" section and select the "New SMTP Credential" option
Name the credential, and then click "Create Credential"

Step 3: Note the SMTP Settings and Credentials

After you create an SMTP credential, you will be shown the SMTP server address, port, username, and password. Note these down as you will need them later.

Step 4: Go to ReachOut.AI Settings / SMTP

Go to ReachOut.AI SMTP settings where you want to set up SMTP email, and click "Add New Provider".

Step 5: Set up SMTP Email by selecting Mailgun

Select Mailgun as the provider
Enter the SMTP server address, port, and credentials provided by Mailgun
Choose the security protocol to be used (TLS or SSL) based on the credentials provided
Enter the email address that you want to use as the sender's email address for your helpdesk
Save the changes and test the SMTP settings to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Step 6: Verify Email Delivery

Send a test email from ReachOut.AI campaign and verify that it is delivered to the recipient's inbox.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Mailgun SMTP with ReachOut.AI.

If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact Mailgun support or our support team.

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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