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Integrating Pabbly with ReachOut.AI allows you to efficiently add leads and contacts from various sources into your CRM and apps. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect Pabbly with ReachOut.AI to automate the process of feeding your campaign with contacts and enable video personalization.

Understand that Pabbly integration functions similarly to Zapier, offering seamless integration capabilities.

Step 1: Select Pabbly for Contact Integration

Choose Pabbly as your preferred method for adding leads and contacts from the source to your CRM and apps using ReachOut.AI.

Step 2: Configure Variables for Personalization

When selecting Pabbly for adding contacts, you will be prompted to choose or add variables.
Select only the variables that you plan to use in your video script for personalization purposes.

Note: data for these fields needs to be provided by your contact source (e.g., CRM or other specified tools) set as the Pabbly trigger.

Step 3: Add ReachOut.AI to Pabbly Apps

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to add ReachOut.AI to your list of Pabbly apps.
This step ensures the smooth integration between Pabbly and ReachOut.AI.

Step 4: Create a Workflow in ReachOut.AI

Return to ReachOut.AI and click on "Create a workflow" to initiate the setup process.

Select a trigger, which is the app you intend to use as the data source for feeding your campaign with contacts.

Pabbly offers integration with thousands of apps, so choose the appropriate one for your needs.

Select ReachOut.AI as your action app and proceed.

Step 5: Add Leads to Campaign

From the list of action events, choose "Add Leads to Campaign."

Provide a name for your connection and enter the API key, which will be revealed during the process.

To find your API key, refer to the integrations tab within ReachOut.AI.

Step 6: Map Campaign Fields

Select the campaign you have just created in ReachOut.AI.

Map the campaign's fields to their corresponding fields in your Pabbly trigger.
This ensures proper synchronization and data transfer between the two platforms.

Step 7: Activate Workflow

Double-check your settings and configurations.

Turn your workflow live to activate the integration and allow the automatic feeding of your campaign with contacts.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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