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Speech Modification - Personalizing variables in a real video

Speech Modification alllows you to record a video of yourself once, and ReachOut.AI will personalize it and address thousands of recipients one at a time, at scale, automatically.

This feature is currently in beta and we are working to making it sound and feel seamless

What's Seamless Video Dubbing?

Seamless Video Dubbing will enable you to record a video of yourself just once and then customize it for any number of recipients. You'll have the ability to modify sections of the speech in the video—imagine greeting each of your prospects with their actual names, company, and other variables automatically and on a large scale. The resulting videos will appear highly realistic.

We've had a similar feature for several months called Speech Modification, you use this feature by following the instructions here:

Create a campaign and go on Step 2 (Video Personalization)
Record a video of yourself and upload your video in the Backdrops tab.
Select the video and choose "Speech Modification" and click "Reset"
Select your cloned voice from the speakers icon (If you didn't clone your voice yet, click here)
Select words that need to be personalized and replace variables

IMPORTANT! For best results, keep the tone and background noise of your original video close to your cloned voice.

Click Here To Watch The Tutorial

Seamless Video Dubbing represents a significant improvement in quality. We plan to release an initial version along with some demos in the next few days.Want to personalize a real video instead of AI human video?

Updated on: 02/04/2023

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